Fear of the Mundane

Have you ever gone through a day, trawling,

Stopped and decided to take a rest and think in retrospect

Only to realize how unchanging, unvarying,

Similar, ordinary, stagnant, imperfect, hollowed

Dull and impotent your days have been?

The same routine with little variation, quietly followed,

With no zeal, no innovation and hardly any sheen.

I have, and when I do, I feel fear of a sort, I feel shame.

I do not want to seep into the quagmire,

Lose myself in the factory line, a duplicate, different only by name.

I wish not to stumble and fall into a groove, unable to leap higher.

I do not want to lead a life of monotony,

Held in a cycle that has upon us hegemony.


I wish to break the repetition and emerge with originality,

I want to feel the passion, the thrill of a unique personality

I wish to hear new opinions, never believed,

Listen to soothing harmonies, never perceived,

To breathe in fragrances, never before smelt,

And to feel emotions, never before felt.

I fear the quotidian, the boring and common,

I fancy the extraordinary, the dynamic and fiery.

This is the principle I shall proceed on,

This is how I shall enhance my life’s safari.

Thus, defeating monotony, from the mundane I shall flee,

And with this inspiring resolution, I shall break free.