Khwaabon ke parindey- translated

Khwaabon ke parindey is a song featured in the Hindi film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The lyrics are written by virtuoso poet Javed Akhtar. Do read both, the verse-by-verse translation as well as a more free and open poetic interpretation.


Verse-by-verse translation

Ude, khule aasaman mein khwabon ke parindey
Ude, dil ke jahaan main khaabon ke parinday
Oho, kya pata, jaayenge kahaan


Fly oh fairies made of dreams

In open skies and the land of the heart-

Who knows now where you will go?


Khule hain jo par, kahe yeh nazar
Lagta hai ab hai jaage hum
Fiqrein jo thi, peechhe reh gayi
Nikle unse aage hum
Hawa mein beh rahi hai zindagi
Yeh hum se keh rahi hai zindagi
Oho, ab toh, jo bhi ho so ho

The sight of open wings:

Now we have awoken,

Our burdens fallen behind,

We have flown far ahead.

Our life sways in the wind,

It coaxes us, saying, let it be.

Ude, khule aasaman mein khwabon ke parindey
Ude, dil ke jahaan main khwabon ke parindey
Oho, kya pata, jayenge kahaan


Fly oh fairies made of dreams

In open skies and the land of the heart-

Who knows now where you will go?

Kisi ne chhua toh yeh hua
Phirte hain mehake mehake hum
Khoyi hain kahin baatein nayi
Jab hain aise behake hum
Hua hai yun ke dil pighal gaye
Bas ek pal mein hum badal gaye
Oho, ab toh, jo bhi ho so ho

It was by a simple touch

That we began to wander, scented,

Till we lost ourselves in a foreign tongue;

And as we floated, our hearts melted-

And lo in that moment we were changed.

Now, let it be.

Roshni mili
Ab raah mein hai ik dilkashi si barsi
Har khusi mili
Ab zindagi pe hai zindagi si barsi
Ab jeena hum ne seekha hai

The sun has come out

And our path is drizzled with love;

Every happiness seems to be mine

And life rains over my being:

We have now learnt to live.

Yaad rahe kal, aaya tha woh pal
Jisme jaadoo aisa tha
Hum ho gaye jaise naye
Woh pal jaane kaisa tha
Kahe yeh dil ke jaa udhar bhi tu
Jahaan bhi leke jaaye aarzoo
Oho, ab toh-

Jo bhi ho so ho(x2)

Ude.. Jo bhi ho so ho (x2)

Do you remember that moment yesterday?

When there was a magic that made us anew

What a moment that was!

My heart tells me to go there again-

Wherever its dreams take me.

Now, let it be, let it be.

Free poetic translation


Fly oh white-winged aspirations

Into the open, guileless  blue skies

Through green pastures of the heart-

Fly to where a grey mind does not go.


With those wings unfurling

We are finally coaxed awake,

Shedding burden like snake-skin,

We rise lighter, far brighter and

Our lives dance in the swirls of wind,

Celebrating – oh, let it be.


A stranger’s simple touch sets us off

As we wander, ambrosial and free-

Till we lose ourselves in a foreign tongue;

In this realm, we feel our hearts melt-

And lo, in that moment we are changed.

Now, let it be.


The sun peeks out to shower us warmly,

And its love adorns our path like drizzle

Life brings its happiness and rains it over

Us- finally we learn to love these clouds.


Do you remember that moment?

When a magic descended on us,

Crafting us anew, a fresh brew-

What a moment that was!

The heart pulls us in, inveigles us-

Follow the road paved by dreams.

Let it be, let it be.



*Lyrics transcript sourced from: LyricsMint*




Floral Floundering

This poem is part of a series titled identity. 

The first piece in the series is Strip.’ 

The second piece is Strut(Walks).’

The third piece is Jazz Hands.’

This the fourth and final piece.

I hope one day to hold a rose and kiss it,

to kiss the thorns on its stem and cut my lips- blood

tastes good.
I wear roses on my body-

I wear roses to hide my insolent hips from swaying too wide;
I adorn my long, droopy arms with sunflowers and yellow 

if my blood isn’t warm enough at least its flowers are;
My back is laced with lilies and jasmine-

its scent masks the trace of fear that blows 

like a wanton wind;
My chest is the mantle to the tulips that rise into my throat, 

stifling thought, stifling expression, 

isn’t it beautiful to look at?

I wear pink on most days, brightness attracts attention– is that what I crave? 

The world is looking for something to make blue every day– is that what I’m asking for?

Well I’m no florist but my body can grow pretty things quite well.

Sweet Sensation 

Your words are like hummingbirds

hovering across the blushing flowers on the sides of my head,

the flutter of their wings echoing through my auditory passages;

the sound flows across my nerves

like honey curling around the thumb of a beekeeper

as he softly squeezes the hive, and your tongue

presses against my mind releasing oxytocin like pollen:

and you vapourise clouds of powdered sugar

into the air around us with your pirouetting eyes that skirt my gaze,

and like rivers they feed into my ocean;

oceans that were sitting on the sills of their windows

looking out at the setting winter sun,

but are now falling,

feet first, eyes looking up,

down, past earth,

into wells that ran dry only because they were too deep

to have a bottom —

and storms rage in their turbid waters,

fed by rivers flowing through valleys with hummingbirds and bees.
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