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And so the hollowed head rose

From the moist and clayey soil

Of the sepulchral grounds where

Tales and memories are buried,

And hidden away under soothing 

Marble and symbols of fear and

Hope and all such foolish things:

Rising with its interspersed gilded

And decalcified teeth, the holes 

Whistling the songs that flew in on

Silent, unflapping wings through the

Cavities in bone; the songs that in 

Centuries remained unsung, dancing

Against each other’s backs in the dark,

Wet and enigmatic hollow of the skull.


The veins all came popping back like 

Rats scurrying under a carpet- the folded

Integument of the young man- that coagulated 

From the surrounding slush and gathered

To the call of a memory: bells tolled in the

Faraway church, a hollow skull that has its

Body rooted in the only-human souls of

Men, women and the ecclesiastics on the hill.


All suited again and ready with thoughts,

The hollowness bloomed inwards with flowers

That captured the lethargic, unexpecting

Secrets lingering on the tips of the eyeballs;

Holding them captive in their bland,

Monochrome petals that only painted

Pictures they were not expected to.

Blossomed, garnished and piped and networked, 

the untemporal visage clinked its new-found 

Senses into place, lashing out its purple 

Queen-tongue to expose the ivory daggers 

That bespangled the courtiers’ chairs around 

The serpentine dame: daggers that had the 

Sweet-salt taste of the canined beasts’ delight, that

Were all anew, and pierced through the cloths

Of their seats with renewed vigour and passion;

Indifferent, yet masochistically pleased by the strands of 

Red silk that flew up and flowed down their soft red seats.


The callousness teetered away like water in

Cupped hands and the sun rose to colour 

The skies and their kingdom once more-

The flowers in that forgotten-empty mind 

Began to bear fruit and simmer up the forest

That once had thrived, and the serpent-queen

Felt the anticipation that thrummed the air:

Vibrations rose from under her reign, all the 

Dagger-men’s seats shaking as they and their

Queen danced to the earthquake and 

Together all their world began to shout and

They said, they cried: “You forgot to love me.”